Addiction is devastating, but rehab is so expensive – and all you want is to break the cycle of insanity…

“I’ve tried everything, but nothing helps.”
“I just want the pain to stop.”
“We need serious help, but can’t afford rehab.”
“If something doesn’t change, I’m going to end up in jail or dead.”
“What if rehab doesn’t work?”
“I just can’t take it anymore… I feel like I’m going crazy!”

 You’re not alone, but you need a solution NOW. You need a solution that is:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Confidential
  • Available right now.

That solution is Zero Relapse. In less than 10 minutes, you can get the help you and your family need today.

Because fighting addiction has gotten harder…

State and federally funded programs to help people suffering from addiction faded away with the economy crash.  This left so many people hurting from addiction with no way to afford help.

Good people like you have been left out in the cold and ended up…

  • With their families and future destroyed
  • Losing their children to alcohol and drugs
  • With teens getting kicked out of school, in trouble with the law and their dreams for their future destroyed
  • Involved with drug courts, half way houses, Child Protective Services, probation officers
  • Losing their driver’s licenses, being incarceration… even losing their lives 

Everyone suffering from addiction deserves relief. Finally there is a program that is easily accessible, affordable, confidential, and offers long-term results.

Zero Relapse is a 20-point program geared to create long term sobriety for someone suffering from addiction and is perfect for you if…

  • You can’t afford therapy, rehab or other support, but want help with addiction
  • You have started to get in trouble with your family, your school, your work or with the law and want get in control of your alcohol or drug abuse
  • You have tried to quit drinking or using drugs before and have relapsed
  • You have gone to rehab and relapsed, and want help to get back on track and not waste your investment in rehab
  • You are currently in a drug court program, this can help you achieve success with sobriety and help you graduate from drug court.
  • You are thinking of going to rehab, but are afraid that once you come home you might relapse
  • You are a loved one of some that has recently become clean and sober and you want to learn more about how to support them

Zero Relapse for Loved Ones is a comprehensive program to help loved ones cope with and support someone using alcohol and other drugs. This program helps you understand exactly what addiction is and the specific actions to take in order to encourage your loved one to get clean and stay clean. Everything you need to feel confident, empowered and sane on the emotionally difficult path to of supporting an addict or alcoholic.

  • If you are a parent of a loved one that is suffering from addiction, this program can help you understand what is happening and what you can do to stop the suffering
  • If you feel frustrated and angry by someone in your life that is using alcohol or other drugs, this program can help you understand why you are angry and actions you can take to help this person consider sobriety sooner
  • If you feel helpless, lost and taken advantage of by a family member who is drinking or using drugs, this program can help you understand what is happening to your family and free yourself from the insanity of addiction.

Get help now.

Learn more about the creator of Zero Relapse.

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